Additional Inspections


Safety Inspection

If you would like to discover potential safety issues in a property you own, a safety inspection can reveal missing or inoperative safety features, discover hazardous conditions, and convey knowledge of code changes that can benefit a home owner.  This inspection encompasses many systems and components of the home, including smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, gas appliances, gas plumbing systems, structural systems, electrical components, etc.  A safety inspection can also be tailored to the client's needs.


Maintenance Inspection

Imagine owning a home and not knowing of the latent defects that will one day manifest. Roof leaks, compromised shower pans, and improperly operating or installed appliances are just a few common problems found in homes. These problems are usually discovered after significant damage has been done or warranties have expired. A maintenance inspection can greatly reduce the chance you will encounter these headaches.



A Re-Inspection can be performed on any property that has previously been inspected by Nest Home Inspections.  This type of inspection is often requested when a client wants to make sure repairs by the selling side have been fully completed in a professional manner. Re-Inspections are not just a visible, walk-thru type inspection. We will get back on roofs, into crawlspaces and attics, and evaluate the functionality of the repaired items. A list of repaired items to re-inspect and all available documentation of repairs is needed before a Re-Inspection can be completed. Notice: A Re-Inspection will not be performed on another inspection company’s findings. 


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