Pre-Warranty Inspection

What is a Pre-Warranty Inspection?

Is your one-year warranty on your new home about to expire? Pre-Warranty Inspections are usually conducted 11 months after the buyer purchases the home. This inspection re-visits all of the systems and components that should have been inspected at a new home construction inspection. Sometimes it takes a while for problems to show up. It is wise to protect your investment and find these issues before warranties expire.

A Pre-Warranty Inspection covers all aspects of a typical home inspection. However, this inspection incorporates the additional insight of the homeowner. You may have already discovered problems and had them repaired by the builder, but perhaps are not satisfied with the results. We can re-inspect these repairs and make sure they were performed properly and will not lead to future problems down the road. Or there may be unusual issues that manifest intermittently and are hard to identify. We can help diagnose these systems and recommend further evaluation.

Some of the common issues that are addressed in a Pre-Warranty Inspection include:

  • Drainage and erosion around the property. These problems MUST be resolved by your one-year warranty or you will be stuck with them.
  • Electrical defects such as tripping breakers, flickering lights, or improperly wired electrical outlets.
  • Plumbing problems including poorly draining pipes or gurgling toilets, improperly installed supply fixtures, and water pressure issues.
  • Ventilation issues in the HVAC system resulting in warmer or colder rooms and improper circulation of air.
  • Roofing repairs due to poor or rushed installation.

What is a Pre-Warranty Inspection?
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