Pre-Listing Inspection

What is a Pre-Listing Inspection?

Pre-Listing inspections, sometimes referred to as Seller’s Inspections, are initiated by the property owner prior to listing the property. A Pre-Listing Inspection is used to find unknown defects and to prevent possible surprises for the home owner when they sell the property. Often, sellers are blindsided by unknown and expensive problems discovered by the buyer’s inspector. These issues can be found during a Pre-Listing Inspection, giving the seller time and knowledge to address them accordingly. With a Pre-Listing Inspection, the seller has peace of mind going forward in the real estate transaction and is able to accurately represent the condition of the home, limiting potential liability. Some of the ways a Pre-Listing Inspection can help include:

  • Inform of immediate concerns that even an experienced and diligent homeowner may be unaware.
  • Prevent defective items found in the home from becoming stumbling blocks in the negotiating process.
  • Allows for repairs to be made without time constraints and option periods, preventing the hiring of last-minute contractors who may take advantage of the limited time and over charge.
  • Gives the seller a third-party view of their home and allows them to price realistically.
  • Reduces the liability of the homeowner by supplementing the standard disclosure statement.
  • Comforts potential buyers knowing the selling side has taken steps to limit future problems for the new owner.

What is a Pre-Listing Inspection?
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